Endless Summer

With the arrival of August, summer consolidates its presence, enveloping us in the idea that dreamy sunsets, trips with friends and table talks at dusk will last forever. That season of the year in which our routine is interrupted to make way for a life with a more relaxed, entertaining and enjoyable pace. This change is reflected not only in our day to day, but also in our environment, in our home.

Fresher textiles, more organic materials and livelier and lighter elements. This is the reflection of the main features of summer in the rooms. Neutral tones that provide light together with those warm ones that constitute a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The curved shapes as a symbol of naturalness, together with elements of the Mediterranean such as clay, the freshness of citrus fruits and the breeze typical of the summer season.

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Warm tones and the freshness of citrus

Yellow, the summer colour par excellence, is reaffirmed once again as a must for interior design this season. Its memory of summer fruits makes it a clear representation of this season. The Altissima Blue Roma natural stone is one of the XTONE proposals for this trend. Its bluish tone and its perfect combination with warm tones make it a safe bet for this season.

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The orange tones are another essential of these months, their warmth makes them an ode to summer sunsets. Combined in its soft version with neutral colours, they turn the room into a renewing space of peace.

The curvy furniture

The curvilinear shapes stand out for another year as a representation of naturalness, of the casual, calm and harmonious style. The furniture in circular shapes facilitates access to spaces and mobility, establishing the feeling of peace in the space. This concept is transferred to each area of the home, extending to the kitchen, through tables and islands with rounded edges.

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Back to the 90s

One of the clear trends this year is a return to the aesthetics of the nineties. Pure, simple and natural spaces, without maximalism and excess elements. The dominance of neutral colours and furniture without frills. Aspects that are reflected, above all, in the kitchen, since it is committed to a room where white predominates as a symbol of hygiene, cleanliness and light.

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The return to this aesthetic establishes the concept of the home as a practical medium, which makes everyday life easier and creates a calm atmosphere.

The Barbiecore Phenomenon

Speaking of the turn of the 90s and, as opposed to the rest of the trends, a new movement has emerged due to the worldwide boom of the recent release of the Barbie movie. Its great impact in the world of fashion, decoration and trends has led to the appearance of the already named "Barbiecore", which fills the spaces with shades of pink, lilac, glitter and iridescence. The home becomes a vibrant place, full of energy, colour and freshness.

In the XTONE proposal, the kitchen is dressed in pink in its softest shade, nodding to this fashion, merging with the neutral tones of the Taj Mahal, maintaining that linearity and balance.

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The search for naturalness and organic

For a few years now, concern for sustainability has been growing and has been spreading to every aspect of daily life. Awareness about the origin of materials and their capacity to be reused and recycled has become paramount. Through the trend of connecting with the natural and the search for the naturalness of the elements, the concept of biophilia has emerged, as a need to connect with nature through each of the components of the space.

In this way, natural light, plants and natural analogies through materials, shapes, textures and aromas become the keys to the synthesis of the home. Alpinus White, with its wild design, its cream tones and its small crystals, is a perfect recreation of the nature of the Brazilian stone that becomes the perfect candidate to achieve that naturalness of the space.

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Thus, this summer's trends invite us to simplicity, light, naturalness and freshness. Values that we transfer to our home through organic materials and biophilia, such as this need to return to the origin and to nature. XTONE's proposals for this summer mix the naturalness and light of neutral tones in a perfectly integrated and synchronized soft way.