"La cucina dei sogni su misura" on the road around Milan with XTONE

On June 29, XTONE landed in the city of design par excellence to present the ''Tailor-made'' concept, the brand's firm commitment to the execution of made-to-measure kitchen projects using large format porcelain tiles.

The brand's tour around Milan began at the Porcelanosa showroom in Piazza Castello and continued at the Biblioteca degli Alberi di Milano. Two exceptional settings that hosted live experiences to discover the versatility of large format porcelain stoneware through gastronomy and art.

XTONE teamed up with executive chef Martina Tenz, with a long history and professional experience in the Michelin-starred restaurant industry and high-end hotels, to demonstrate, through a program of different live Showcooking, the performance, functionality and capabilities of the product in kitchen projects, such as its resistance to scratching or extreme temperatures, its low porosity or its hygienic and sustainable character.


The Porcelanosa store in Piazza Castello was the setting for the launch of the XTONE brand in Milan, the "made-to-measure" large-format surfaces project, focusing attention on the kitchen industry. An attractive proposal with which XTONE aimed to involve guests in different experiences simultaneously.

In order to raise awareness of the product, the store hosted a gastronomic and technical day in which guests could enjoy a showcooking with tasting and live music, while learning about the latest finishes of the brand from a virtual experience. The live showcooking by chef Martina Tenz tested the performance of the material during cooking by cutting without boards or using a blowtorch on the XTONE Bottega Antracita surface itself.

Well known for the aesthetics of her recipes on social media, Chez Martina presented an exclusive selection of appetizers showcasing the possibilities of the material in the kitchen. Slow-cooked pork tenderloin, one of the star dishes with which she surprised guests, incorporating gourmet techniques, while captivating them with small bites of brioche bread and blowtorched Wagyu beef or with yellowfin tuna, pineapple and chili concassé, watercress and croutons.

Focusing on the professional profile, the XTONE specialist team provided a technical area to present the brand's latest countertop innovations and innovative finishes. Interested attendees were able to learn about the new processes and decoration techniques offered by Porcelanosa's new production plant and even had the opportunity to visit it through virtual reality.

BAM Sunset in the Park

Located among skyscrapers and considered the green lung of Milan, the iconic BAM park responds to the harmony generated between the beauty of the greenery and the staging of different experiences that confirm the synergy between architecture, design and innovation, together with sustainability and nature.

Under a program developed throughout the first weekend of July, XTONE brought the "off-road" kitchen to BAM. An innovative model accompanied by the most cutting-edge technology through the convenience and aesthetics of the hidden induction that defines this Liem Grey kitchen design by XTONE, in an option designed by and for outdoor spaces.

Through the idea that 'anything is possible' and that XTONE's kitchens are customized to suit everyone's dreams, a series of cultural and gastronomic events dedicated to culinary and picturesque art and sustainable development were held to demonstrate its commitment to the values represented by the foundation.

Honest gastronomy

Martina Tenz held two showcooking events throughout the day on Saturday in the open air for the guests attending the event. Accompanied by her assistant, the chef surprised the audience with a culinary journey full of fresh, sustainable and healthy dishes such as surprising savory tartlets with cashew cream and black garlic, accompanied by edible flowers or refreshing sorbets of cold watermelon soup with grilled watermelon spheres, melon, basil, Greek yogurt and nasturtium oil. An innovative and surprising food proposal linked to the XTONE cuisine, characterized by a pioneering and revolutionary product.

Art and matter: one and the same essence

The endurance of the material, of the painting, of the art: Manila Wall Art symbolizes this concept during a live art show performed at BAM on the large-format surface. XTONE. The "easel" with the brand's largest format served as a support where the artists managed to capture on the XTONE board the brand's concept: a precise interpretation of ''the kitchen of dreams made to measure'', showing the customization of surfaces adapting to any type of project, scenario or environment.

Characterized by a dreamlike, evocative and tailor-made design, Manila displayed before an idyllic setting a canvas of colors that evoked the surrounding landscape, integrating design, art and nature on the porcelain tile.

The events culminated on Sunday with a series of children's workshops for families to learn about the material and interact with it through art and cooking under the name ''Cucina molecolare''. All the kids and youngsters who attended during the morning were able to paint on the XTONE board freely with spray, paint and stencils, giving free rein to creativity; they could also take home as a placemat a small XTONE sample decorated with eco-friendly plastic paint.

This is how XTONE starts in Milan a tour of events that will continue in new destinations with the purpose of impressing the attendees and make them get, in a very special way, the concept of the brand: the material that achieves the customization and authenticity that customers are looking for in their projects.