Luxury Nomad, Casa Decor 2023

In this first edition of CASA DECOR for both companies, a collaboration has been forged that will not leave the attendees indifferent, with a totally innovative proposal. DOSALCUBO takes us to the nomadic universe with a contemporary adaptation based on ancient architecture, in the tipis of Native Americans.

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The new luxury nomad

As a result of the globalization of today's world, contemporary nomads have emerged who, due to business, cannot settle in a permanent home, but travel constantly, leading them to live in several places. This is how DOSALCUBO proposes the Luxury Nomad concept, contemporary nomads who move between their various residences, established in different countries, always depending on the market. Without a permanent place to settle down, they need a space that feels like home.

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A reinvented tipi

Tipis, cone-shaped tents built from skins and wood and used by North American nomads. Due to their resistance and easy assembly and disassembly, they allowed them to change location with greater ease.

Recovering this North American nomadic tradition, DOSALCUBO proposes a luxury tipi, full of references to the indigenous nomads of the United States: the representation of animal skins through kinetic slats, the allusion to maps, the fire of space, ethnic objects and textiles and the exaltation of the circular shape through the dome. To do this, they have united the purest essence of XTONE with that of other great companies such as The Masie, Estufamanía, Huakal and Espacio Kanuwa. Elements adapted from the origins, to contemporaneity and luxury, creating a warm atmosphere to convey the feeling of home to the contemporary nomad.

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XTONE: The key piece

Natural stone as an element reminiscent of origins, of tradition. This vision led DOSALCUBO to choose one of the most particular and spectacular stones from XTONE: Pangea. With its striking aesthetics and American origin, it becomes the key piece for the tipi of the new Luxury Nomad. Leading the visitor towards the central fire, Pangea natural stone leads the floor covering of the space, simulating the skins that were used for the construction of this type of tents. The grandeur of the natural stone culminates with its backlit version, giving the space the typical opulence of luxury, while at the same time its striking lines and crystals recall that tradition, that ancient culture of the origins.

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DOSALCUBO delivers its message perfectly through every detail of the room, where no element has been selected at random, but is loaded with meaning. A new concept and a great story faithfully adapted to the contemporary world and which XTONE wanted to be part of.

The firm conveyed the concept of Luxury Nomad to the viewer with a visit to Casa Decor by three of its ambassadors: Vanesa Lorenzo, Rosa Copado and Natalia López, who discovered the authentic nomadic tradition of North America and the beauty of nature through Pangea stone. , protagonist of the project developed by Dosalcubo. An event that fascinated all the guests who were part of this very special and enriching experience.