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The most automated plant in the world

With an investment of 55 million euros, the facility incorporates the most cutting-edge technology and it is a first in the international ceramics industry

The opening of the new centre, which is expected to have an annual output of 1,300,000 square metres, has created more than 125 jobs.

Porcelanosa has started the year with the opening of a 36,000 square metre automated plant. Located at the Spanish multinational's headquarters, the new production centre specialises in the manufacture of large format porcelain and sintered stone.

With an expected annual output of 1,300,000 square metres, the new facility is equipped with the most advanced machinery on the market. The measurements for the material to be manufactured are 320 cm x 160 cm and 270 cm x 120 cm, with thicknesses of 6, 12 and 20 mm, and with machinery capable of producing surfaces 30 mm thick. The production systems are also able to produce and work pieces up to 360 cm and 160 cm, a special format to suit the needs of professional customers.

The new centre, which has received an investment of 55 million euros and provided jobs for 125 people, is remarkable because of the implementation of the most cutting-edge technology in the different stages of the production of large format porcelain and sintered stone. The process of receiving the raw materials has been automated by means of control software.

For the press selection, the two most advanced presses on the market have been installed, integrating the latest 3D design technology, achieving visual continuity in any dimension of the piece. Regarding the enamelling lines, the machinery has been unified in enamelling, decoration and textures, achieving a better quality and resolution in the slabs.

The firing system consists of a 250-metre-long kiln that produces a product with the best technical performance for the cutting and machining of the material. To ensure that each slab meets the required quality standards, individual sorting is carried out, for which there is a digitised inspection system in place.

The post-production area consists of a 100% automatic grinding machine with dry technology, a meshing machine and a polishing machine, thus offering the product finishes that are in highest demand.

The innovative plant, specialising in large format surfaces, is the most modern installation in the world and a first in the international ceramics industry, allowing PORCELANOSA Group to boost sales of this type of product.

An installation committed to the environment

A total of 4475 solar panels with an output of 2.4 MWp have been installed on 12,000 square metres to promote the self-consumption of energy at this plant. This is the equivalent to approximately one third of the surface area of the new production centre.

Some of the sustainable measures that will be implemented at Porcelanosa's plant 4 include the recovery of 100% of heat from the kiln for drying processes, the reuse of 100% of water through a treatment facility for industrial use and recycling 100% of waste for reintroduction into the production system.

The international expansion of large format XTONE

Last November, XTONE®, the PORCELANOSA Group company specialising in large format sintered and natural stone, announced under the name of Library the opening of twenty product exhibition centres in Spain, Germany, United States, Scotland (Great Britain), France, Italy and Brazil.

In this way, XTONE® strengthens its position as a leading company in large format surfaces both nationally and worldwide with the creation of its own extensive distribution network to project its business and brand image.

At the Library centres, users will find a selection of sintered and natural stone materials. For sintered stone, the formats are: 150 cm x 300 cm x 6 mm for floor tiles, wall tiles, furniture and façades; and 160 cm x 320 cm x 12 mm for kitchen countertops. In the case of natural stone, the measurements vary according to the stone block that is extracted for each slab, with thicknesses of 20 and 30 mm.

Each of the distribution centres offers a customised comprehensive service, aimed at professionals, through digital tools. With the opening of the new plant, Porcelanosa provides solidity to the emerging XTONE® project, ensuring the continued supply of the Library centres.

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