Doux Heritage, Casa Decor 2023

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For the third time in a row SixtyPro, the studio specialized in kitchens, participates in the new edition of Casa Decor 2023, this time hand in hand with Muebles Ébano and XTONE with a kitchen designed by Germán Álvarez, creative director of Cuarto Interior.

The heritage of the Mediterranean Sea, its scents, its matter, and essence, is what Germán Álvarez wanted to convey with this year's proposal for the SixtyPro space. A kitchen that takes us to a place of Spanish heritage and craftsmanship.

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Where great stories take place

"The kitchen as the fundamental piece of the home, the place to tell great stories around a table sipping wine with a good friend" is the starting point from which interior designer Germán Álvarez has been inspired to create a unique space that goes beyond conventional, perfectly reflecting SixtyPro's motto "imagination has no limits when it comes to the design of your kitchen".

Divided into three areas, the space is able to transmit all those moments that are lived in the kitchen: The bar, where we welcome friends to share stories while tasting a good drink, where we remember the good times and create new ones. The chef's corner, the place where food is prepared and macerated, where the ingredients of the Mediterranean land melt to create flavors that take us back to the origins. And the island, where the most creative ideas take shape, where Mediterranean flavors envelop the room with a scent of tradition.

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Tradition as the enveloping axis of the space

The Mediterranean-inspired space, dominated by the soft olive green of the island's natural stone, Adamantina by XTONE, a brand specializing in natural stone and porcelain stoneware, and the green clays that cover the walls, highlight the color of the natural wood that makes up the island. In addition, its geometric shape and the unique design of the doors make it one of the central elements of the kitchen.

The curved shapes of the bar area, also lacquered in green shades and manufactured by Ébano, evoke the waves of the sea that would be contemplated from an authentic farmhouse located on the Majorcan coast. All these elements, together with the clays adding a unique touch to the walls and the painting of the ceiling that frames the island recreating the soft glows of the Mediterranean Sea, take us to a space in which the heritage of Spanish craftsmanship prevails.

Sixtypro has managed to create a trip to the center of our nostalgia, carrying us back to familiar, traditional times, where the natural stone XTONE has provided that touch of origin and at the same time of sophistication essential in the space.

The firm has conveyed the essence and purity of Doux Heritage to the viewer through a series of events. On the one hand, with the visit to Casa Decor of three of its ambassadors: Vanesa Lorenzo, Rosa Copado and Natalia López, they discovered the authentic Spanish heritage through the project developed by Sixty Pro and Cuarto Interior. On the other hand, XTONE gave the creators of the space the prominence they deserve, accompanying them at the presentation event with a round table full of anecdotes and curiosities about the space. An event that has fascinated all the guests who have been part of this experience.