Cristina Oria chooses XTONE for all her projects

Cristina Oria's cooking is straightforward, but not simple, and full of details that make a difference. The chef, a graduate of the prestigious Parisian cooking school Le Cordon Bleu, has managed to build one of the most soulful and tasteful businesses in our country. Under a culinary empire, she has four restaurants and gourmet stores between Madrid and San Sebastian, and a personal project, Morata de Tajuña, a space on the outskirts of Madrid in which she transfers her distinctive essence with quality products such as homegrown vegetables and/or fruits.

This is how Cristina Oria has managed to transport through her gourmet stores, restaurants and Instagram posts, where you can appreciate the kitchen of her dreams and that of any passionate cook in Morata de Tajuña, a project that combines high quality cuisine with a range of materials with excellent performance and high visual aesthetics.

From her recent professional project with the restaurant and gourmet store ''Cristina Oria'' in San Sebastian to her more personal and family project on the outskirts of Madrid, ''Morata de Tajuña'', the chef transfers her seal together with XTONE, the Porcelanosa Group brand specialized in large-format porcelain stoneware and natural stone.

The strong commitment of the chef with XTONE shows the excellent products that the brand presents for any type of work, for tailor-made projects, largely manifested through the painstaking work and professional care put in the creation of the kitchen of her house with a natural stone selected exclusively for her; or the development of each of the bars, tables, shelves and accessories in marble that are integrated perfectly in the restaurant in San Sebastian.

Unique pieces, cared for down to the smallest detail, which become true works of art for projects of the same caliber. A joint work where the chef and the brand have designed and turned into reality the kitchen and restaurant of her dreams with countertops and surfaces that stand out for being both beautiful and functional, hygienic and, moreover, sustainable.

Balance between convenience and aesthetics

From her passion for cooking, for aesthetics and for the smallest details comes her fourth and latest project, a new restaurant located in one of the most stately and beautiful cities in Spain, San Sebastian.

Under the same approach, the chef is committed to the customer experience with a 360º restaurant where everyone visiting it can enjoy both a gourmet experience with a concept of non-stop cuisine, as well as a store area with the representative tableware, kitchenware and table linen with the ''Cristina Oria'' hallmark.

The choice of XTONE's Neve Di Carrara marble from Altissima becomes the key piece with which every element of the restaurant is covered, such as the main bars, the tables and shelves that bear the most emblematic and recognized tableware, kitchenware and products with the CO hallmark, as well as other elements that turn the premises into a place where the brand's tailor-made work can be appreciated.

As a result of this bond, Cristina Oria also chose an XTONE quartzite to cover the countertops of her kitchen in Morata de Tajuña, specifically Altissima's Montblanc stone. Thanks to the excellent performance of the material, the chef prepares all her recipes, the most viral on Instagram, without worrying about cuts on the surface, resting utensils exposed to high temperatures or the handling and contact of food on it. A kitchen made by and for Cristina Oria, her professional projects and her culinary journey.