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Porcelanosa sets a precedent in Chile with the launch of XTONE

XTONE EN ROUTE had the fascinating Chilean setting as its next stop for the exclusive events that took place on the 30th and 31st.

Concluded with extraordinary success, Porcelanosa Chile joined forces with XTONE to elevate the concept of experience in the industry, attracting the attention of renowned professionals and enthusiasts from the field, including marble craftsmen, architects, interior designers, and kitchen retailers. This occasion marked a new journey of creativity, innovation, and discovery of XTONE through a series of exciting experiences.

August 30th: A Day of Exploration and Learning Starting

At 9:30 in the morning, Porcelanosa Chile opened the doors to its exclusive network of marble workers to carry out an intense technical-practical day of cutting and transforming XTONE countertops (12mm). Guided by the professionals of cutting and drilling equipment RUBI, the workshop not only allowed technical understanding but also direct execution of the work through the capabilities of machinery specifically designed for cutting sintered stone.

After a lunch break, a moment to share ideas and recharge energies, active participation was the theme. The different attendees immersed themselves in a series of practical experience, interacting with sintered stone alongside the specialists. Thanks to the experts, it was possible to witness different cutting techniques and the installation of XTONE materials, revealing their strength and adaptability. The day came to an end with the delivery of official certificates, a tangible testimony of the dedication and commitment to learning: a unique experience that still lingers in memory.

August 31st: Discovering New Dimensions of XTONE.

The second day marked an incursion into unexplored territories. The presentation of the XTONE project by prestigious architects Gonzalo Mardones and Raimundo Morales immersed us in the very heart of raw material innovation, revealing the inspirations behind the brand that create architecture without limits.

The staging of XTONE extended through different experiences that allowed exploration of each facet of the product: from the live demonstration of its manipulation and installation, the resistance showcased through a sweet show cooking, to the innovation in textures and finishes of the new materials developed in Plant 4.

Renowned chef Gustavo Sáez treated us to a culinary spectacle that merged the art of cooking with the resilience of XTONE in a single act. The chef challenged the material's properties with a chocolate sculpture, elevated on a base of XTONE material, while inaugurating the new Paonazzo Biondo kitchen. Innovatively, this kitchen features a hidden induction system, enabling an unobstructed experience. The surface not only withstood cuts without boards and the use of a blowtorch but also showcased a new way of cooking with wireless induction, where appliances are charged directly through the kitchen surface.

The live technical demonstration elevated the versatility of XTONE to new heights, and the virtual and sensory experience reminded us of how creativity can take on multiple forms. Thanks to the new technology, all the participants could admire the new Plant 4. Through augmented reality, it was possible to hover over the new XTONE production facility with the most advanced technologies and observe closely the processes of creating sintered stone.

Setting, catering, music, and decoration; Porcelanosa Chile created an impeccable stage, yielding an unforgettable memory for all the guests. A space for learning, an opportunity to forge bonds with industry professionals, and discover XTONE's unique functionality.

In conclusion, these days have set a precedent in the industry's events, as they brought together the potential of industry leaders and amazing professionals with the outstanding team of XTONE and Porcelanosa Chile, resulting in overwhelming success that is sure to be repeated in the future.